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Beniemocions, is a young company with young people, we know the terrain and we know what you are looking for. You only need to us.

Enjoyment is assured and safety is in our hands !

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Canoeing in quiet waters.

Come and enjoy the magnificent waters and nature of the Ebre area.

We offer different routes for canoeing over the quiet waters of our river and with maximum safety. Our expert instructors will teach you canoe and kayak navigation techniques They will show you the most wonderful places on the Berea River that crosses our territory, including its fauna, its flora and its history.


We have studied local routes which adapt to the. demands of our customer compresing of all kinds of landscapes..

Various routes are available in order to get know the Natural Park of the “Ports",and the sierras of “Cardo,Pàndols i Cavalls.”


Do you know the Green Way (“Via verde”)? Its disused train stations, tunnels, bridges and straits. What about the Caneletes River ?. And the Foncalda picnic area?

Come with us and discover the Benifallet track and ways. They are wrapped in the pleasant aromas and lovely colours of their fields and mountains. You will be amazed by its beauty and enjoy with its peacefulness.

Get know our village , its narrow streets and its more enchanting corners ,its food and its people.